Saturday, 23 July 2011

Can It Get Any Better Than This?

Could someone please explain how I have managed until now without the Organic Box?! How outrageously deficient my life has been? How void of goodness!? I have just received my very first shipment and I must say...elation.  A big, wonderful box of  lively, "just jumped out of the garden" fruits and veggies. They sprang toward me as though we have been separated for far too long. Which of course we have!
 And the best part? (Well, ok, so far it's all the best part). This is living food delivered right to your door! The price seems pretty darn reasonable to me, especially when I consider all the extra "goodies" I assemble into my cart on a regular grocery store trip.
The greens are truly green. Vivid. And not from ramped up chemicals and force growing. I'm no chemist, butI'm thinking it's from that elusive healing agent of yore, chlorophyll!
Shout out to my fabulous nature loving friend Cheryl C, for this head's up.

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  1. Isn't it divine? Love Friday afternoons....