Monday, 11 July 2011

Two Days of Heavenly Food

Yesterday. Lazy Sunday with Greek Eggs for Brunch, Afternoon coffee at the charming local Beans, and a Seared Salmon with Two Sauces, Lime Rice, and Balsamic Herb Feta Salad for Dinner.
It all came crashing down, however, at 2:26 am, when this 10:30p.m. meal sat undigested and crying for attention somewhere in my bloated midriff. (Didn't start cooking until 8:30 due to languishing long in the aforementioned coffee shop. Where  I laboured over Honda car related matters until a Swedish friend from the past floated in unannounced. But anyway, digression is taking the steering wheel here.....)
Stay tuned. I will share recipes for this healthful and satisfying meal, as well as tonight's equally soul enriching feast (hint, there are many ways to pluck a duck, but this is the ONLY way to roast a chicken. Well, one of the only ways), SOON!
Until We Meet Again,
With Delicious Hugs and Kisses

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