Friday, 22 July 2011

Zippy Lime Rice Photo


You know what? As customary and sustaining as it is, plain old boring rice is just that. Plain. Old. Boring. Am I right? (Think Ford Focus). I mean obviously there are times when nothing but steamed white rice will do; such as when you prepare twenty different spicy sauces for your homemade, authentic Asian cuisine. Which I’m sure is a regular occurrence..….
So! Try my new, fun, zipped up rice! (Think Honda CRZ). When the days are hot and so is the grill, when carnivorous needs assert themselves a little too often, this is an ultra refreshing side dish. Lovely paired with all sorts of barbecued meats, poultry and fish. It tastes luxurious, and yet you can feel saint-like while munching away. Your body and soul will trill, “Thanks Self! That was delicious!”

(see previous post for recipe)

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